Action stuck with no logs

Our builds keep on getting stuck at various stages. However, the UI doesn’t provide any logs so we can’t see why they are stuck.

Stuck on Cypress run for 1h 9m 52s

Stuck on Set up job for 27m 30s

This always seems to happen on our 20 build matrix, so having one job stall means we waste a significant amount of CI minutes.

Any ideas?


I canceled this job and the logs updated showing it wasn’t stuck on “Set up job” after all, it looks like it was stuck during the cypress run. Why are the logs delayed when this occurs?

2020-07-03T14:10:31.7624168Z   e[32m  ✓e[0me[90m I enable showPageSizeSelectione[0me[31m (13832ms)e[0m
2020-07-03T14:37:09.1362585Z ##[error]The operation was canceled.

Thanks for your feedback.
This problem is more likely to be related to how this action(cypress-io/github-action@v2.2.1) handles the logs. We suggestion that you can create an issue here. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have any further advice or info, I don’t see why/how an action would prevent the initial “Set up job” logs from appearing.

Hi @jamime
Based on your latest comment, this is a known issue. And we found a similar issue in our internal channel:
“If there is a long sleeping period or the runner is not outputting anything and a user refreshed the actions UI, certain logs might not be show up.”
And our GitHub engineering team are investigating this issue. Once there is any progress, we will update here.