Action on PR and subsequent commit to PR gives "unnamed workflow"

I’m running a workflow pull_request which runs a code linter and updates the check at completion.  When I create the PR, the check runs ok but on subsequent commits to the same PR, the call to update the check seems to trigger the creation of a new workflow called unnamed workflow and the annotations and output from the check gets sent to this unamed workflow. 

In my case, the original check should be ending in a failure (which it is) but because the update of the check and it’s output end up in unamed workflow, it doesn’t set the correct status on the original check.

Wondering if there’s some issue with update_check and actions on a subsequent commit to a PR?





I’m having the same issue.

Did you find a solution?


This problem “went away” by itself for me.  I think it was indicative of some kind of issue github actions was having