Action not triggered on subsequent force pushes to branch

I have a Release action that runs whenever a commit is made to master and it creates a release branch and associated pull request. It uses a personal access token instead of GITHUB_TOKEN so that my Test action is triggered when the PR is created. This all works fine.

When the Release action runs, it checks for an existing release branch and PR. If one exists then it will do a force push to the existing branch. In this case the Test action is not triggered though. Is there something I need to do to make the Test action trigger from a force push?

This is the start of my Test action:

name: Run Tests
on: [pull_request]

Hi @taylorhoward92 :wave:

Is this issue still happening for you?

I’m using a different method to achieve want I want now. I haven’t tested if this is stall an issue.

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Glad to hear you find a workaround :slight_smile: