Action not triggered, neither on pull request, nor on push

Added an action and pushed to a branch and created a pull request. No action got triggered.

Does the name of the workflow YML have any role in the process? I suppose not. 

However, I’ll try to merge it in the default branch and see if it changes anything. However, I tried just creating a PR in private repo 3 days ago and it worked without the workflow committed to the default branch.

Also, when I go to checks panel of the pull request, it just hangs on Waiting for checks information…

Still, no trigger When I went here, it said “Re-enable actions for this repository”, “e had problems enabling actions for this repo … normally this can be fixed by just re-enabling”

I re-enabled them and updated a few PRs, but no action has been triggered

Seems like Actions were disabled in organization. So, I had to enable them in organization settings and then enable it in repository settings. 

I think it should be apparent to the user and shown that actions are not enabled for the repository or organization and at which level

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When actions are disabled for an organization or repo the Actions tab should be hidden the repo.  Are you still seeing the Actions tab and workflows are not running?

No, the action tab was hidden, but I thought it was a bug in the extension I was using, so I appended /actions in the repo URL to access the section

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