Action ignores included path

The Workflow and path. The commit.

Clearly the changed files should have triggered the workflow, but nothing happened:

Is there a known issue, or am I missing something? Is there a way to check an audit log of events and their listeners?

@rbellamy ,

I notice you are using the pattern ’ ubuntu1?04.json’ on the push event in your workflow. I think you confuse the * character with ? character in the pattern for paths filter.
The ? character matches zero or one of the preceding character, so the pattern ’ ubuntu1?04.json’ only can match the following paths:

  • ubuntu104.json
  • ubuntu04.json

If you want the pattern can match below paths in your repository, you should use the character (’ ubuntu1*04.json’), instead of the ? character. The wildcard matches any character, but does not match slash (/).

  • ubuntu1604.json
  • ubuntu1804.json

More details, you can reference the docs about patterns to match file paths.

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And so it is. I read that documentation over and over, and never picked up on that - I just skipping past it and thinking knew what I was reading because I “know my globbing and wildcards.” THANK YOU.