Action hangs trying to find a runner

I’m using a matrix in a GH Action to run a job for 59 items. This was working reliably until last night when a small set of the jobs (it’s inconsistent which) hang with this message

Can't find any online and idle self-hosted or hosted runner in the current repository, account/organization that matches the required labels: 'ubuntu-latest' Waiting for a self-hosted or a hosted runner to pickup this job...

We are not using self-hosted runners.

Any ideas on why I am unable to access more hosted runners?

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I have started seeing a similar issue (though I’m not using a matrix that large) since about yesterday afternoon (UTC). I ended up cancelling the stuck jobs, and that seemed to solve it, but I’ve got a stuck job again.

Querying the API the four stuck jobs are the only ones running/queued on the entire organization, so its not that I’ve reached the limit of concurrent runs.

Dupe of Hosted runners not picking up jobs

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