Action fails to start/run with no indication/reason

I’m trying out github actions and experimenting with transitioning from travis. I initially created a branch in my fork to experiment and github and got it to work[1] . I then used the same branch and opened a pull request against the upstream repository and there is absolutely no indication that github actions is even present [2]. The only difference I can think of is the upstream does have a web hook which runs some additional CI functionality.

[1] PR where github actions are working:

[2] PR where github actions are totally absent

I suppose I could disable my web hook in the upstream repo., but I would prefer to leave it as it’s working.

Suggestions on how to debug when there is absolutely nothing to see?

There are some restrictions on actions when there is a PR by fork. I believe what you are seeing is the default expected behavior. Actions for PRs from forks have to be enabled in the base repo and there are some additional settings too. Here is the GitHub blog post about it: