Action doesn't understand the 'secrets' syntax copied from the documentation

I’m trying to pass in a secrets variable as input to my Github Action and I am getting the following error:

“##[error](Line: 7, Col: 18): Unrecognized named-value: ‘secrets’. Located at position 1 within expression: secrets.GALAXY_API_KEY”

I’m following this documentation, which has an example showing usage of secrets the same way I am.

My usage:

Example failed job:

And my secrets panel:

I’m pretty sure this is the problem:

I am guessing Github Actions tries to interpolate the value in the description string instead of leaving it raw.

EDIT: Yeah, this was the problem. This seems like a bug with Github Actions. Or is there a way to reference variables and telling Actions not to interpolate them? Some option to use a literal string?

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