Action didn't run

I have an action that is supposed to run on a push to dev, and one that is supposed to run on a push to master. I made a commit to dev on my laptop and pushed it with git push origin dev. Then on my laptop I checked out master, ran git merge dev to fast-forward the change, and ran git push origin master to push the change up to GitHub.

I have done this plenty of times before and the push to dev on GitHub caused the dev Action to run, while the push to master on GitHub caused the master Action to run. This time, I did it and only the Dev action ran! There have not been any changes to the workflow files, so I don’t know why it suddenly isn’t working, and the GitHub interface doesn’t provide any clues. Can you help?

The master action doesn’t show up in the Actions interface at all, as if it didn’t even get queued. The dev action shows up as completed.

EDIT: I just pushed another change to both dev and master, and this time BOTH of the workflows triggered. I still haven’t changed the workflow code through all of this. BTW I know that my earlier change did actually make it to GitHub because I could see the updated code in GitHub. The whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me.

Hi @stephenonethree,

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I cannot reproduce the same on my side.

The master action doesn’t show up in the Actions interface at all, as if it didn’t even get queued.

Could you please double confirm that you push to master branch, not the other branch?

It could be a temporary issue, but if you can reproduce the issue again, please share the repo and commit id here for further investigation.


It went back to normal after this one push. However, I already double-checked that the earlier push happened.

It is a private repo, onethreebiotech/job_system. The commit was c9019d0

If you could check whether this was a temporary issue that would be great. I am hoping that this is reliable because I will be depending on it to work a lot of the time!

It happened a second time! With commit 7c64e38.

One thing to note is that the same commit is getting pushed to both the dev and the master branches, and both pushes are happening within a short time period (<1 min). Still, I would expect both of them to produce actions because I have workflows set up on both branches.

Hi @stephenonethree,

Thanks for your reply!

I would like to help you but i cannot check your private repository.

It seems an intermittent issue since some normal push works, you can ask private support in below link, the dev will help to check and fix:


What option am I supposed to select on the contact page? It seems that there is no option for assistance with Actions, or any technical support for that matter.

Hi @stephenonethree,

Is it possible to repro the issue on your public repo? If it is, please share the repo here for further investigation.
If not, please describe the apprearance in the support link, add the repository & commit info, dev team will help to check.


Right, I am asking which button I should click on once I follow the support link, because there is no button for technical support.