Account Suspension and The Need for Decentralization

I noticed this Topic here:

where the CommunityManager in an act of violation of any common sense and forum-admin-etiquette simply closes the topic with an unfounded rationale.

I have 3 questions directed to github:

* For the case tha you suspend for any reason my account in the future, do I have still control over my data (e.g. the ability to delete my account and all data, if I choose so)?

* Is there a possibility that you suspend my account, because I use e.g. Huawei Devices (I heard that some western dictator placed the company on some kind of black-list)?

* Do you know that Github is about open-source, and that “Open Source” dictates (by definition) ZERO RESTRICTIONS?

Those are not rhetoric/sarcastic etc. questions. Those are real questions, and I’d expect an answer from githubs C-level (because this IS C-level stuff, no need to go through the escalation process).

Having said the above:

The need for real decentralization (e.g. remove systems from a central authority) is something you github users should take a look at. The crypto domain which Bitcoin started, then DApps introduced by Ethereum (not yet that much successful in scale), others followed (EOS, Cosmos, Algorand, Cardano).

Maybe some day, we see a decentralized project-host, where a central dictator cannot ban you, whilst hijacking even your personal data.

(and as an off topic: why do you feel the need to label me “Ground Controller Lvl 1”, which is totally missleading? Is github/MS populated by amateurs or kiddo-devs or what?)

(To the CommunityManagers: get serious, and learn basic forum etiquette. Zero Censorship is the golden rules, ESPECIALLY if a topic is about censorhip of any form. Closing a topic is equal of supression of speech, if not censorship.)

Hi @lazaridiscom,

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate you sharing your concerns and will pass them along to the appropriate teams for consideration. If you have any questions related to your account, please contact private support at with the information, so we can look into that further.

For more information about the ranking levels in the community forum check out the intro to rank and badges post.

Git is decentralized.  Github itself is a centre.

The way git i decentralized is that anyone can clone your repository (if you let them) and your code can go viral to the extent others are interested in it.