Account suspended

Hi GitHub team,
last week I had to stay one night in a sanctioned country due to my job. While being there, I made the mistake to access my GitHub account which got suspended immediately.
As I am a German citizen and living in Germany as well, I completed and sent the appeal form including all required info including my state issued id. However, I did not receive an answer. So I contacted support and described my problem but only received a standard text directing me to the appeal form.
Can you help?
Best regards.

Hello @quax82 

Thank you for being here. This question is already answered in another thread found here. I’d recommend checking there for your answer. In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads, instead of opening new ones about the same topic. For this reason, I’ll be closing this topic.

Otherwise, another course of action is to reach out to our private support to get this resolved. Unfortunately, we can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum. We apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

Greatly appreciated,