Account has been suspended

I am a github user, and I have used it to build some open source projects. But some time ago, I can not sign in the github as follows picture, I am so confused about it.

I get the tips as follows:
Access to your account has been suspended due to a violation of our [Terms of Service](

can anybody help me restore the github account? thanks very much.
My github account: [REDACTED by moderator]

Hi @maobisheng,

Welcome to GitHub Community! We’ll be unable to look at your account from here, so we do need you to open a support ticket so our private support can work with you. Thanks!

I have submit a relative topic “accounting”, and leave my email address, when can I get the reply, please help me @wordsoup

Please make sure you’ve created a ticket using the correct email address. Support won’t be able to discuss the suspended account with a different email address than the one that is on the account. To do that, you may have to log out of your other account before submitting a ticket.

Once you’ve done that, you should hear back within a couple of days.

yes, I have used a correct email, thanks

yes, I have get the support ticket, after then, should I solve my question by reply that email?

Our Support team will reply to that ticket directly.

I hope it gets sorted for you soon.