Account has been suddenly hidden from public view

Hi my github account handle is rednafi. The associated email is redowan.nafi[at]

This is the link to my Github profile:

I think my account has been mistakenly flagged and hidden from public view. I may have inadvertently done something that goes against the terms and conditions of Github usage or this just could be a mistake. How can the status be reverted and how can I avoid this in the future?

Also I have opened a ticked at, ticket number: 792388. However, it’s been a day and there is no response from the support team. Is there any way I can accelerate the process? My blog has stopped working and this hurting my public image. Thanks!

Thanks for your patience! Unfortunately, only GitHub private support can review your account, so you’ll need to continue to work with them within your support ticket. We’re unable to review your account here. The number of others ahead of you may also impact your wait time.