Account hacked and no answer from github


  1. This is two emails I got from github on the 14th of august:

A- " Hello t0bst, We wanted to let you know that your GitHub password was reset. If you did not perform this action, you can recover access by entering…

B- " Hey t0bst! An email address ([]…" —> Adress of hacker

C- " Hey t0bst! An email address ( was removed from your account. Visit …" —> this is my adresss

→ So here my password got changed and my email got replace by

  1. I contacted github support and I got an answer by notch but since then I have no replies.

I participated to a 6500 euros bootcamp and I would like to access this repo which I can’t get back otherway than getting my account back. Plz help.

Hello people,

Is it normal that it takes more than a week to get back my hacked account ?