Account Flagged

I have just published a project that I’ve been working on for months. I’ve spent hours documenting it. And I’ve spent hours promoting it. All of a sudden, I see the following message:

All Your account has been flagged.

Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to have your account status reviewed.

Googling around, it appears that the Github spam detectors can do this occasionally and the only way to fix it is to contact Github, which I’ve done. But as I said, I’ve spent many hours promoting my new project and now people who see I’ve promoted it and want to check it out will see a hidden account (whatever that means)!

So basically a big waste of time. I couldn’t find anything about what the spam detector looks for or what I did wrong exactly. Now I probably need to wait days for Github to get back to me. And a lot of work went down the drain just because. Very unhappy!

My project is It’s a .NET class library that makes it easy to add scripting/automation to any .NET application. Perhaps someone will tell me what they see if they go there.

Hello @softcircuits

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