account flagged, can't reach support


I put in a support ticket (id: 650748) a week ago (04/18/2020) and have not received any reactions so far, I’ve also tried to contact support trough twitter. I rely on certain functionality of github (3rd party intergrations) for my workflow and am currenlty unable to use those (just throws an error when logging in on them).

Hi @kaliumxyz,

In the interest of privacy and security we aren’t able to discuss account-specific details in a public forum. If the flag has not yet been removed from your account, we kindly ask that you keep an eye out for contact from our private support team. 

Keep in mind, response times may currently be delayed and we are also working on some efforts to allow us to shorten our average response time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Because a similar question has already been answered in another thread we’ll be closing this topic. You can continue the conversation in the original thread if you’d like. Thanks for your patience and understanding!