Account flagged as spam, for over a month

Hey all,

I know there are plenty of recent posts of people with flagged accounts, although they were seemingly resolved fairly quickly. My account was flagged as spam on September 3rd (with a valid reason), and I took steps to resolve the issue - it was fairly simple to solve. I followed up the next day with a contact to support (#823302) and replied to that ticket a month later on October 3rd, asking for any timeline. I understand GitHub support is likely backed up right now, but this seems like an unusually long time to wait for a response. It’s now been a month and a half.

So I’m curious, what’s the general timeline for account flag support responses? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process? It’s been inconvenient to be unable to show my code to others, login to third party applications (including an online course! - CS50x if you’re curious), and simply use GitHub to collaborate on projects.



Hey @canuckjacq – curious if you have any ideas here? Sorry to tag you randomly, you just seem to be the staff member generally perusing these forums. It’s now a few days away from the two month mark with no response from GitHub support, and as a high school senior going through college apps and hoping to use my public GitHub profile as a portfolio of sorts for colleges, it’s disappointing to have my account hidden publicly. Feels like a missed opportunity, really, in addition to being an inconvenience for contributions to open source projects or just simply showing others my code.

I know the delays aren’t your fault, but do you have any idea why there’s such a hold up? Did GitHub decide to mass-flag thousands of users at once or something? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Thanks again.

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Apologies - I don’t know how this slipped under my radar! I’ve had a look and it’s definitely in the correct place. There are different teams who deal with “flagged” accounts depending on why they’ve been flagged. So the discrepancy you’re seeing is likely because of that.

This is a busy time of year for the team who will be handling yours. I’ve flagged it for them anyway, just in case it’s being missed for some reason.

I hope it’s resolved for you soon.

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Right, that makes sense. Thanks for taking a look!

Can you possibly take a look at my account? I’ve been flagged for less than a day, but it still sucks that others can’t see my repos.

Hey there

We don’t have any say over the handling of spam tickets here. If it’s been an obscenely long time (as above!) I can speak to the correct team in case something has been missed, but otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll simply need to wait for your account to be reviewed.

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Thanks, I guess. Do you guys have any plans to work on customer relationships and dealing with things like this faster?

I had to create this account just to raise this to your attention.

My main account got flagged since 26th January 2021.
I have done all the things mentioned by Github support. But still my account is flagged.I really need my account public access.
Please someone kindly check the ticket #998610 id , I’d be really grateful.

Thank you.

Hi @gayatri129

Please note we do not deal with flagged accounts in the forums. If you already have a ticket open, please reply to that with any information that was requested of you.

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Okk, Thanks for reply…