Account flagged and no response


               My account has been flagged and I have raised a support ticket 660343 but I have got no one responding back. It feels like having a one-way conversation which no one listens to. I have to go live to my clients with my repo but there is no way I could proceed forward and Github team is actively not responding.

If you have something which is not following the rules kindly let me know, I would work to fix it. But simply banning the user completely is ridiculous. I can’t keep on creating a new account for some simple mistake which I don’t even know. I hope someone responds to this.



Hi @peervadoo-tv

In the interest of privacy and security we aren’t able to discuss account-specific details in a public forum. If the flag has not yet been removed from your account, we kindly ask that you follow up with our Support team for help. Keep in mind, response times may currently be delayed.

Because a similar question has already been answered in another thread we’ll be closing this topic. You can continue the conversation in the original thread if you’d like.

My account is flagged and when I raise an issue there is no response. Adding to that when I put it here in the form, the post is moved from this discussion forum without even informing me. This is very unpleasant experience from Github team.

Atleast give a response as to what needs to be done as I am stuck here helpless and waiting. There is no tracking system to see when my issue will be attened or which ticket id is currently being resolved. Please don’t keep us developers in the dark.