Accidentally removed an email

I changed my primary email to another and I accidentally deleted it so I tried to add it again. When I try to do so, it shows the error message “Email already in use”. I don’t know why this is showing. I don’t have any other Github account with this email. Any help?

:wave: Welcome!

In my experience, I have never seen that “Email already in use” be wrong so I’m going to ask you to humour me :slight_smile:

Please either log out of GitHub entirely or use a separate browser, and then enter your email address here:

If you are using a separate browser for this task, make sure you copy and paste the password reset link from your email into the correct browser window - not one where you are logged in already.

If this doesn’t log you into a different account, then please open a ticket so that support can discuss your account in more detail with you (in private). Make sure to tell them that you’ve tried this, and any error messages you may have seen - that will speed up the resolution!