Accessing occasionally from Windows with Desktop


I use github typically from Linux using standard git terminal commands to push and pull. I have my github account set up to use ssh authentication.

But today I needed to access the account from a Windows machine. I don’t have this machine specifically configured for this. But I figured if I just installed Github Desktop for Windows it would let me do what I needed.

However I can’t seem to find a way to get this Desktop client to connect with my github account. I’ve theoretically logged in to the account with name and password. But I can’t push the changes I made to a repository

When I try I get :

Authentication failed. Some common reasons include:

- You are not logged in to your account: see File > Options.
- You may need to log out and log back in to refresh your token.
- You do not have permission to access this repository.
- The repository is archived on GitHub. Check the repository settings to confirm you are still permitted to push commits.
- If you use SSH authentication, check that your key is added to the ssh-agent and associated with your account.
- If you use SSH authentication, ensure the host key verification passes for your repository hosting service.
- If you used username / password authentication, you might need to use a Personal Access Token instead of your account password. Check the documentation of your repository hosting service.

Is there no way I can generate an ssh key from inside of and only for the use within github Desktop client, which I can then associate with my account?

@interstar you can use HTTPS with GitHub Desktop, which will work by default if you are logged in. You will need to change the remote URL to use HTTPS:

If you want to use SSH you will need to follow the steps to set up a new SSH key on Windows:

I hope that helps!

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