Accessing/downloading docker container

Hi, All,
One of the automatic build on the PR i submitted failed. I want to investigate the reason, but for that I either need to download the container or somehow get a remote access.

Can I do tat?

Thank you.

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Not as such, no. The best thing to do is usually to make sure everything is logged in detail, and upload relevant files as artifacts.

It’s hard to tell from what you’ve written if this was a GitHub Actions runtime workflow, or some other CI system.

If it was a GitHub Actions runtime workflow, you could try using:

and running the flow locally.

If it was something else, you can probably set up an account w/ that vendor and play in your fork.

Typically each CI system will tell you the image names they’re using, so, technically you can download the containers. (The GitHub containers are ~30GB, so nektos/act suggests using slimmer substitutes.)