Access to old versions of a pull request


I’m wondering if there is any way to get access to old versions of a pull request.

In the workflow:

  1. dev1 makes pull request, current tip is aaaaaaa
  2. dev2 requests some changes
  3. dev1 rebases and pushes new tip is bbbbbbb

Often times as a reviewer I want to see what ‘dev2’ did in response to review comments.  After ‘3’ above, is there a way to see the differences between aaaaaa and bbbbbbb? Is there any way to see commit ‘aaaaaaa’? 

I know there is refs/pull/PRNUMBER/head and refs/pull/PRNUMBER/merge but that only contains the most recent commit (here ‘bbbbbb’).  Gerrit supports seeing different versions of merge proposals in refs/changes.I’m not suggesting that because gerrit supports something then github should also.  I’m mentioning this really to just give clarity to what it is I’m asking. 


$ git ls-remote | grep 83/400883
51f005cdc012d36f54fb6357266f1955f4999827	refs/changes/83/400883/1
e3abbee44f24523cb6492fcda193cd5c91f5d7ca	refs/changes/83/400883/2
705db9879a201147fcea3faff44e8573248002b9	refs/changes/83/400883/3
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Hi @smoser

Links to the older commits will still be present in the PR page on, but they will likely not be fetchable with git as no ref refers to them anymore. You can however see the differences you’re looking for by plugging old and new commits into the fields on<user>/<repo>/compare/

@seveas, Thanks for your reply.

I think you’re suggesting clicking through the web UI to see diff between two commits.  That is definitely a solution, it is just “further away” from my terminal, and does not expose itself to all other ‘git’ commands.

Yeah, that’s indeed what I’m suggesting. I agree that it’s not optimal, for exactly the reasons you mention, but as the commit isn’t fetchable with git, I can’t think of a better solution :frowning: