Access to download workflow run logs API

I am trying to get workflow run logs in other repos.

The docs says:

Anyone with read access to the repository can use this endpoint.

However, either with or without my personal access token, I am getting this message:

  "message": "Must have admin rights to Repository.",
  "documentation_url": ""

Do I misunderstand “Anyone with read access”? Or is the doc outdated?

I have exactly the same problem. Perhaps it’s a temporary issue? Happens for me with the example from the docs as well:

curl \
  -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \

What I also found is that you can go to the job URL and query the sha, job id parameters to then get the job log as said here:

Bad news, this method only works if a user is logged in in the browser. What a disaster, why did the GitHub devs made it so clumsy?!

Fixed this using a token with repo scope. Maybe GitHub should improve the error message and the docs.