Access repository statistics with v4 GraphQL

I’m looking for the equivalent of the REST API v3 repository statistics:

Does that exist in the GraphQL API? If not, is it on a roadmap?

What I really would like to have is the contents of the Insights / Traffic tab when viewing the web page for a repo. I didn’t see that in the v3 API, either. Does that exist somewhere?


Andreas Girgensohn

:wave: hello there @andreasg123, and welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

There isn’t a GraphQL API equivalent for repository statistics. Regarding the roadmap, I suggest checking out our GitHub Roadmap FAQ and the associated GitHub public roadmap project board to keep up with upcoming feature ships as well as the GitHub Blog for new releases.

For repositories that you have push access to, the traffic API provides access to the information provided in your repository graph as its described in our GitHub Help documentation, Viewing traffic to a repository.

Does that help with what you’re looking for? :thought_balloon: