Access GraphQL endpoint using OAuth App [solved]

Hello everyone,

we have created an OAuth app which we use to request user’s consent to access some of their resources (repos, commits,…).
We would like to access the GraphQL endpoint but it seems there are problems with provided credentials (we tried sending the access_token in the Headers, both with Authorization:bearer ... and with Authorization: token ...).

In the GraphQL docs there is only a mention about “personal access token” that should be used in the Headers of requests with Authorization: bearer JWT.

In Authenticating with Github Apps it is explained how to create the JWT for Github apps,
but what about OAuth apps?
I could not find anything mentioning OAuth apps + GraphQL, is it just not possible?
If it is, how could we build a valid token from any valid access_token?
I am probably missing something and I apologise, but any help would be very welcome.

Thank you

EDIT: Solved, it was our internal mistake, access_token seems to be enough to query GraphQL endpoint. Sorry for the noise

No worries @marco-scoppetta-qata thanks for coming back to share what worked.