Accept repo invitation via webmail

I’m taking an online course in Git and GitHub and need to add a Collaborator to my repo. I created a new GitHub account using an email address I access through Webmail and added that account through the GitHub Web interface. I got the invitation in my Webmail account. But I can’t accept the invitation through Webmail, at least I can’t find a way to do it. There is a link that says I can Accept or Decline the invitation but clicking on it just brings me to the Manage Access page. Can you help?

:wave: Welcome!

GitHub doesn’t work well with multiple different user accounts - it’s part of the reason we stipulate one account per person in our Terms of Service. It’s not built that way, and if you’re going to use it that way, you’ll have to figure out some workarounds. Ideally, if you need to add a collaborator, you can always add a classmate or colleague.

It sounds like you’re not logging out from one account before you try and do things for the other account. That link is just taking you to the repository, but if you’re logged in as the wrong user, you won’t see the invitation.