Accept Invitation -> "This is not the webpage you are looking for"

I have received an invitation to a repo.

When I click on accept I have the message “This is not the webpage you are looking for”

The repo still exists, it has not been deleted by the owner.

Thanks for helping

Hi there,

Thank you for contributing to the GitHub community forum!

Pending invitations expire after 7 days. If 7 days have already passed you may need to request an owner resend the invitation. When you go to accept the invite, please ensure you are already logged into your GitHub account.

It would also be worth double checking whether you’re currently using any sort of browser extensions. Browser extensions such as ad blockers tend to interfere with GiitHub pages. It may be worth  temporarily disabling extensions and trying again. 

I hope that helps to explain. Please let us know if you need anything else!