"Accept / Decline Invitation" page not working properly

I have been sent an invitation to join a private repo. No matter how I follow the link in the email (click the button, copy/paste the link) and no matter which browser I use (tried Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge), the “accept / decline” page is unusable.

The browser flashes the invitation controls, but then the controls disappear. As it turns out something is changing the content on the page and adding white space at the top as I can see the scrollbar “thumb” shrink in size indicating that the page height is growing. If I scroll down, I can see the invitation controls, but they remain visible only briefly, and they do not react to clicks even if I manage to move the mouse over quickly and attempt to click.

My browsers are all current public versions including MS Edge which is the new-ish Chromium-based version. Chrome and Firefox have a few extensions, including uBlock Origin, but MS Edge has only one extension, it’s not an ad blocker, and I disabled it as part of my testing.

The invitation was sent to the primary (and only) email address associated with my GitHub account. I am told that the repo owner can send to my GitHub account instead, and I will ask the owner to do so, but that hasn’t happened yet.

When I am logged in to GitHub before following the link, I get the behavior described above. When I am not logged in, I get a 404 error and when I follow the sign-in link on that 404 page, I see the behavior described above.

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:wave: Welcome! And thank you for letting us know.

It’s not just you! We’ve alerted the folks responsible and we hope this will all be functional again shortly.

After some testing I can confirm that if you can move quickly enough to hit the accept button while it is visible, you will be able to gain access to the repository and the view will return to normal. I hope that helps in the meantime.


@jfcardinal this should be working correctly now.


Thanks for the news and the fix.

After figuring out how to use the broken version by clicking quickly with the mouse pre-positioned in the right place, I managed to accept an invitation while the page was still broken. As a result, I don’t have any invitations to accept so I can’t test this. I’ll take your word for it!


Yesterday, I just had the same problem and can not accept the invitations, currently it seems to be fixed. I am able to accept invitations from UI with all major browsers. :+1:t2:
Thanks. :clap:t2:

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