Absolute racism!

I’m an Iranian web developer and I can’t use github just because I live in Iran!
Isn’t it racism?! If not, what is it?
Such a shame for a first world country
Is it really justice to block our private repos just because we are Iranian?!
I can’t take it anymore!
Why we always should be in restrictions cuz of where we live?
I only want to use my account like other people do. Is this a BIG request? :frowning:

Thanks for reaching out. I know this might not be the answer you are looking for but I’d like to share more information about this policy. GitHub is subject to US trade law, just like any company that does business in the US.

The restriction mandated by US law prohibits GitHub being used for any commercial activity in countries under US Trade Restriction.

This applied to private repositories when they were previously only available for our paid plans. We’re now happy to be able to provide private repositories to more users, but the law restricting commercial use still applies.

Commercial use is still the most common use case for GitHub private repositories. And since private repositories are by definition private, we are unable to assess whether the code being stored in an individual private repository was being used for commercial or personal use. For that reason, we’ll need to continue to restrict access to private repositories for users working from countries under US Trade Restrictions.

Sorry, if that wasn’t what you were hoping to hear. GitHub will continue to advocate, with US regulators, for more availability of GitHub services for developers in sanctioned markets, and further underscore the importance of code collaboration in supporting personal communications for developers globally.