About search function in Github

today I am interested in the github search tool.

I did a search on my repositories and I saw that many are actually not present in search result.

How is it that repositories are not present in the search result?


Hi @xarkam,

Could you give some more deatils on what you searched for and what you expected to find but didn’t?


Hi @that-pat

I did a lot of research.

On the following temes:

  • softinux
  • softinux base
  • osames

The result surprised me.
I was expecting to find all the repositories of:

  • softinux

The result is only a softinux repository not updated for 3 months.

For the deposits of osames, I had as return only the osames-orm repository.
While osames also contains other repositories

Thanls :slight_smile:

Hi @xarkam,

If you’re searching for organizations or users with multiple repositories by their name, you will find their account under the Users tab instead of the Repositories tab in your search results. This is because repository search works by names and not by relation.