About Me (That is my info)

:slight_smile: Hi!

I know how BBCode works.

If you are a complete beginner at my understood languages of coding while you are reading this topic, try these code examples! They’re useful for complete beginners on my understood languages of coding!

// Include stdio.h on this C++ program
#define Include_Objective
#include <stdio.h>
// On the start of the C++ program...........
#define OnStart
#define CPlusPlus_Order

int YoussefLand(); {
  printf("Welcome to Youssef Land!");
[b]This is the only one getting text bold[/b] ;)

[i]Italic text!![/i]
__This will be bold__ :)
**This will also be bold** ;)

_This will be italic_ :)
*This will also be italic* ;)

1. Lists!
2. Another one being grouped!

- [ ] An idle task list.
- [x] This is a completed task!

* An list without numbers!
* More lists without numbers!

You can even link to [Google](https://google.com)!

Unfortunately, I’ve got errors on the actions of Youssef Land that I’ve fixed already:

Error: pytest has experienced a fatal exception whilst trying to make its best work. Stop.
Error: Apache Maven cannot create a Java package while trying to publish it to GitHub Packages.
Error: C/C++ & Make cannot be run due to a fatal exception while building the C/C++ program with Make. Stop.
Error: The YAML file "main.yml" cannot confirm a commit whilst trying to make its best work for GitHub Actions. Stop.

Fortunately, I have fixed things. Look below.

Success: We have made a successful test with "main.yml". Continue.
Success: We have just arrived with a successful commit/change confirmation with "main.yml". Continue confirming commits/changes.
Success: "stale.yml" has made a successful stale issue mark. Continue marking stale issues.

Anyway, I have tasks.
Create more fun things
Create non-bad things
Make more C & C++
Make more Python

Oh hey,
These actually sounds great. I was looking for my dad, but this thing looks cool. I think you should make a gist/wiki on the topic. Also link those to your GitHub repo which has your username (I mean this )
In my opinion we should build a strong Java base. It will help us to learn other languages easily. You should pick a project for yourself, so that you can learn from that.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I cannot do that. There’s no way I will be able to create a strong Java base in your opinion.

How’d you make that spoiler?!