Ability to view artifacts while workflow is still in process

I’m currently trying to setup a workflow with two environments so I can do an approval step. Part of the approval though is that we need to see the artifacts and download/test them locally. Unfortunately, the workflow won’t show the artifacts until every step is complete. And everything I’m seeing online shows people creating a release and putting the artifacts there instead. For my case, I can’t use a release because one of our artifacts is over the 2GB size limit.

Is there not a way to see artifacts that have been uploaded during the workflow while the workflow is still in progress? This kind of feels like it should already be a thing especially for approval flows?

Any ideas would be great!

You might be able to use two workflow files chained using workflow_dispatch:

You could probably also rely on labels, so a workflow could produce an artifact, and something could then retrieve the artifact, and if you’re happy you could either manually, or w/ some script/comment trigger adding a label.

Someone has apparently made an action for required labels:

(You could use it, find another, or reinvent it)