Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow

+1 would love to have this feature! If you plan on adding this feature also make sure that we can disable it. As I imagine some jobs you just don’t want to rerun.

For now, a possible workaround is to separate your jobs into individual workflows. For each workflow, you can already rerun all jobs which in this case is only one.

I am wondering how much “free” GitHub compute resources are wasted every day because there is only Re-run all jobs, when all you want to do is re-run a single job that failed after your intensive unit tests passed.

@graemerocher what about adding that link to the description above or mark it as the solution so that people can directly jump there and vote for it there rather than in this discussion? Cheers.

Lets say I have linux.yml in githaub action with many builds for my opensource project,
Some of them success, and one of them is failed. Currently if I want to re-run the failed ci again without change the code inside my repo (because connection fail, because 3rd party change like vcpkg), I can do it with run linux action again will initiate all linux action inside linux.yml.
I want that you will add another button that will initiate only the failed action.

Thank you!

Definitely would love this feature. I occasionally have a job fail due to ssh problems with gcloud and it’s a pain to rerun because I’m paying for gpu/tpu server time.

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+1 a quick win that would be greatly appreciated!

+1 much needed, just one more button to re run failed job will do :slight_smile:

+1, this is really necessary

Just moved from CircleCI to GH Actions, the fact that GH Actions cannot re-run parts of a workflow makes it feel like a downgrade. Please fix.

Hi all,

I found a solution : Github Actions — Re run a single. Github actions is a tool provided by… | by Thomas Corbisier | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Have a nice day

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Do you have sample yaml for multiple jobs?

Please +1. We have a workflow with like 15 jobs and sometimes just 1 fails and we need to re-run everything.

+1, it’s very useful.

Signed in here to add my +1 :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 , this probably hasn’t been done yet because it would reduce billed build minutes

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+1 in EnterpriseDB we rely on Github actions and this would be really useful to speed up our dev process

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+1 We have a big matrix job where one fails sometimes and rerunning all those jobs is just wastefull.

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+1 Having to rerun every job, when jobs take 1h30m cumulatively, and you only need to rerun last one is heartbreaking

+1 for this feature, it would save a lot of time.