Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow

+1 this would be super helpful with multiple long-running fragile jobs :pray:

+1 after hunting for the “run failed jobs” button this morning.

+1 , A Basic needed feature

+1 for all the great reasons explained in these thread, also need this.

+1 for this eco-friendly request

@github-support Is there any update regarding this topic? I don’t think there is another feature so demanded as this one. Would be a great addition and will help to close gaps when compared to other solutions, like GitLab.

If the only (ugly and hacky) workaround is to create separate workflows for each job then I think it should be pointed out in docs and product page to explain thoughts behind designing solution that way.


Is it even in their backlog?

Our team would also welcome this feature.

Don’t know if people realise this, but this is a pretty key functionality. Sometimes a test fails because of a 3-rd party resource not being available, or for whatever reason. Having to re-run the whole workflow is too much (+ one more chance for something to fail).