Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow

While this does work, with jobs that commit to the same repo this can be annoying as if you want them to be on a corn schedule you have to allow big gaps between them so if one job takes a long time, it doesn’t break all the others.

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In a big workflow, not having this feature is very annoying. you can get some writing examples here at like essay on cleanliness. and essay on coronavirus covid 19

wow… great reads. this is the kind of thing i’m looking for

We really need this, the workflows are big in github.com/submariner-io And when any of the jobs goes flaky it’s hard to work on identifying the exact issue on CI, because we need to run all jobs, … this also wastes a lot of resources on the cloud for github, I guess… and tons of CO2 emitted uselessly.

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+1 Re-running all jobs for only one failing is a disaster