Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow

+1 here as well, as others have said it’s sorely missed after transitioning from bitbucket pipelines

+1, this is a hard pass for me and keeps me from pushing to migrate my project from bitbucket to github.

+1. It is so painful to wait until each step succeeds. Please support this.

+1, Me too. I have 3 jobs (windows/mac/linux) and only one of them is failing. I don’t need to re-run them all

Adding my support: +1 for this feature

Anyone from GitHub on this?

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adding my support +1 for this feature

+1, this would be really helpful

This would be helpful!

+1 Also, I dare say this will save a lot of money in wasted CI runs. We have a situation where there can be 40 long running jobs and if 1 linting check fails the whole thing needs to be done again.

are +1’s useful? as with github PRs and issues, i’m guessing it’s just as useful to like the first post, as this can be used in prioritization… with the benefit that it doesn’t spam everyone subscribed to the topic waiting for new information or discussion.

this is mentioned in the code of conduct:

Don’t “bump” posts, unless you have new and relevant information to share.

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.

also, i hope the reason for this not getting feedback is not because github isn’t motivated to help users save $$ on hosted action minutes :stuck_out_tongue: