Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow

Using Github Enterprise and having one failed job (e.g. deployment) require the entire pipeline to be rerun (lint, build, docker image generation, eventually deploy) is painful. Gitlab and CircleCI both have ability to rerun individual jobs.


+1 from me as well.

I tried to build a pipeline with multiple jobs deploying artifacts to a Nexus. If one fails (for what ever reason) the jobs before that will fail on a retry as that artifact was already deployed. Restarting only the failed jobs would mitigate that problem.

+1, this would be a great feature!

+1, it helps to apply changes specific to a job and saves lot of time.

+1! I’m assuming this must be on the roadmap (as there is a “run all jobs” option) but I’m surprised this feature isn’t implemented yet!

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+1 … hurts productivity.

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+1 struggling with matrix based CI with more than 20 jobs.