Ability to remove follower

Github should allow the account holder the ability to remove follower(s) from their followers list.
I don’t want to see spam Github accounts following my Github profile.


  1. Login to github
  2. Click on “Your profile”
  3. On this page, click on followers - you will see people who are following you - Github should provide the ability to remove follower(s) if the account holder wishes to do so.

Github - please action this - Instagram follows the same policy - the instagram user can remove follower(s) from their profile - similar kind of feature is needed here

Hello - and thank you for this feedback!

Please submit your feedback via the new GitHub Feedback Discussions forum so that our product team can better track your request :slight_smile:. It’s a new thing, but we’re trying to push all product feedback to the same new area so it’s easier to find and consolidate user feedback!

seems the solution by now is to block the user