Ability to quickly toggle light and dark mode

I like the feature, but would like to have a more prominent switch either direct when I click on my Profile or at the bottom of the page maybe?


It would be nice if it were in the avatar drop down. YouTube is an example of a site that does it this way and it’s incredibly handy.


Thanks @mkurde and @bnb for sharing this feedback. We have considered a few different ways to make a toggle more accessible. If we were to surface a toggle in the dropdown for example how often do you think you would want or need to toggle between modes in an average day?

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please make the toggle work and locate it like it is on docs.docker.com
that is the best implementation IMHO


Appreciate you sharing the docker example and feedback @54696d21! I’ll take this back to the team to discuss


I have a similar setup where my OS is in dark mode the entire time, but the other apps/sites I switch to dark mode when it’s late evening/night. I was using the Dark Reader Browser extension to do a forced dark mode for sites that don’t have a native option. Now that github does have a native one, I think that a quick toggle for that in the nav bar somewhere would be super useful. It might be quicker to implement than a time of the day based switch.

Thanks for taking the time to respond with great detail @subodhpareek18! I’m going to move your reply to a similar topic that is discussing the ability to more easily toggle between light and dark modes.

Please add a quick switch button/icon someone on the screen - currently reaching the option takes too much effort and time :wink:

Thank you!

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Most sites with a dark/light theme option have an easy way to toggle the theme without navigating away from the page. Currently, when I am viewing a page that is best read in the other theme, I have to:

  1. Go to my settings
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. Change to the other theme
  4. Find my way back to the original page

A simple switch button at the top would solve this issue. Basically, we can just add a smaller version of the button on the profile page to the banner:

I know there is a “system default” option. For users with “system default” chosen and e.g. system default is “light”, we could display the button the same way we would for users with “light” option chosen. When users press the button, the GitHub theme changes to “dark” (not “system default” anymore). Pressing again changes theme to “light”. If users want to switch back to “system default” they can go through the longer workflow described above. Usually, users that toggle the theme away from system default will not want to revert specifically to system default. Additionally, since there are only two real themes, and both can be easily chosen from this button, users will never have to go through the longer workflow described above to get the theme they want.


Thanks @birdie-github and @mark-wiemer for the feedback on including a more easily accessible dark mode toggle in the UI. Having the toggle in the profile dropdown is something that we have explored. We are currently thinking about first introducing a keyboard shortcut to toggle themes. I’m curious to hear your feedback on this potential solution?


A keyboard shortcut would be fine for the time being but please add a quick graphical toggle as well.


Keyboard shortcut is great, just be sure to inform users! Appreciate your work on this, accessible dark mode themes are much appreciated :slight_smile:


I just saw a pull request with transparent screen shots, which didn’t work well with black text on dark grey background. For these kind of (rare) situations a quickly accessible toggle button would be very helpful.

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Pocket did a really great job with theirs. Not many configuration options, but the overall user experience is nice.

@IOIO72 transparent images have been a huge source of community feedback since launching the beta, though supporting theme context for images in light vs dark might not fully address transparent screenshots… A great use case for us to consider though!

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An idea that could be interesting would be to add to the dropdown menu of the profile, the option to change the theme, so in any part of the system it would be possible to change the theme chosen by the user.



Thanks for the suggestion @buirkan! I’m going to merge this with another topic to keep the thread in one place. We’ve been getting quite a bit of feedback on this and will be exploring options to help users more quickly toggle between modes!

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Appearance APIs would be perfect as I would be able to make a quick toggle and add in my Home Assistant based on the light intensity in my room or on sunrise/sunset

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I strongly agree with a toggleable option which is visible and available from all the subpages (currently available only from settings; previously there was a toggle switch at the profile page but it has vanished). @mark-wiemer 's proposal looks handy. :slight_smile:

@gaknoll replying to your question about how often would users use that function? I believe that often enough. :slight_smile:

If users have the option they would use that; if not, then they dont. From my personal point of view I prefer changing themes by my own will when I need it; not based on system settings. Eg. some websites use dark mode which can be “easily” handle in daylight, while others are simply too dark so I have to use the light theme variant.

Currently the switch can be achieved only from the settings, which is not a good use-case imho.

This is a bit of a tangent from the topic here, but it would be lovely to have a way to toggle dark mode without signing in. Because my employer has their own instance of GitHub, I’m never signed on to github.com on my work computer, and I prefer to keep personal accounts off my work computer.

What I’d like is exactly what this thread requests, but also available to users who aren’t signed in.