A Very Biased Flagging System

What is wrong with this Flagging System?

I just posted


and it was flagged inappropriate, anyone can label that, right?

It’s actually very biased because others will just want to have that so that it will be included in their activities for further promotion. And, I think, if this GitHub Community will not revise that, this will not be a successful platform.

Hello @jdevstatic and first of all welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

In this community, you are more than welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, give feedback, connect with others, search for help and of course showcase your work!

When anyone sees something in the Community that doesn’t seem right, posts can be flagged. It helps keep the community a clean and friendly environment.

Over the past few hours you have opened up multiple topics just containing links to repositories. As per the Community Guidlines, you are requested not to do things that may disrupt the experience for other users. I can understand that some users may have interpreted the large amount of topics you started as a bit too much, hence flagging your topic(s).

However, from the looks of it, it does seem as if you didn’t intend to open that many topics! No worries, I’m sure the community moderators will be able to clean up your topics!

The most important thing: if you have anything to showcase or share with the community, please feel free to do so! Open up a single topic, share a link and maybe give us a short description about what the link is about.

See you around!

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