A rewarding discord bot based on the number of roles joines

I’m creating a new discord group based on auto-assigned groups thanks to YAGPDB bot. And I’d like to reward the activity not based on the number of messages or the time spent in the group but the number of auto-assigned roles (who are considered as events) a person has joined.

For example if someone joined X auto-assigned events he should get automatically a new role because he participated to many of the events.

Exemple of an event :


There are 3 buttons here, each one refering to a “way” to participate to the event (for those familiar with video games it’d be like Softcore/Hardcore/Other mods). Someone who decides to participate to the 3 ways should get rewarded 3 points, if only 1 then 1 point.

After X amount of point he gets a new role, then after Y a new one and so forth…

But these events would be limited per week, meaning you get potentially 3 points for the Event 1 for this week, but if you unclick a button you should get the point removed from your count. The next week you’ll be able to get new 3 points with the Event 1. Same thing goes for each event.

I have zero idea about programming and i just started with discord, so if someone knows if there’s a bot already doing that or if there’s a forum where i can post it as a request it’d be very glad please. Thanks !

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