A protest on changing master to main

Just a quick note that I protest this change and do not believe this is the right thing to do.

I know this is not going to be well received. But just wanted to share.

First of all, as you may know, this is a valid use of the word master.
From dictionary: “an original movie, recording, or document from which copies can be made.”
Master also means teacher or expert.

For what it’s worth I denounce slavery in any form. I also denounce racism wholeheartedly!

Changing the default branch from main to master will have a worldwide impact lasting a generation. The BLM movement does not deserve this much respect.

Also GitHub this is a partisan decision!

I apologize for not noticing this sooner. I’ve been using a GitHub Enterprise instance at work (change not live there yet), and even when I noticed the change, I did not realize the implication immediately.

Just to be clear: Any other time this could be a good change. But again, not from BLM. This was a movement gone horribly wrong and does not deserve this monument.

I think we can all agree this change is a monument. GitHub is in a great leadership position. And you guys are awesome! People who don’t like the change will get over it, and still appreciate all the great things about GitHub, but thought I should share.


Hello @700software, welcome to the community, and thank you for your feedback.

As is stated in the github/renaming repo, a large number of communities both on and off of GitHub have considered renaming their default branch. It’s been long known that both git and GitHub were somewhat inflexible in the naming of the default branch, making this kind of change a problem in some cases. The majority of the work that has been done is in fixing these shortcomings and creating new tools to give everyone more choice in what they decide to use as the name for their repository’s default branch. You’re free as a GitHub user, an organization administrator, or an Enterprise user to set the name to be used for the default branch of new repositories to your choice of name due to these changes … and so is everyone else.

We understand that there is some disagreement on what the standard name for the default branch of a git repository should be. That’s why we made it so that everyone can choose what works best for them and GitHub will continue working as it should.

We hope you can understand and support giving everyone more flexibility and choice no matter what their political views are.


I am black, and I honestly didn’t care before or after. It literally does not matter at all. “Master”, “Main” or “Menards”, it really doesn’t make a big difference.


I could not agree more with @700software. To give GitHub some credit, we can still change the default branch to whatever we want. It’s also true that it’s not the end of the world. People will get over it. I already have (after a 5 second double-take followed by an eye roll and a scoffing laugh). But the main point, which the protest correctly asserts, is that this is a partisan decision. Sure, this is your platform GitHub, and if I don’t like it I can go elsewhere. But, again as the protest said, your decision has lasting consequences because GitHub is a leader. And yes, the spirit of @lee-dohm response is true; we all should be understanding and support giving everyone more flexibility and choice no matter what their political views are. What’s frustrating is that GitHub doesn’t realize its hypocrisy. I could be wrong, but I think before GitHub’s decision to change the default branch, we already had the option of changing the default branch. Even if that’s not the case, GitHub could’ve simply given people that choice and left the default branch as master. If that had happened, GitHub could legitimately be politically understanding and tolerant. But that’s not what happened. GitHub chose to insert itself right into the middle of a controversy. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Either you’re tolerant and accepting of all or you aren’t. By definition, partisanship is intolerant.

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As a noob struggling to figure out why in the world my main branch is referred to as my ‘master’ branch in Git Bash or why I can create a new branch named “master” but still have my main branch be the master or why I can only push commits to the “master” branch, but not the “main” one, I am completely against all of this preposterousness.

The banning of words in a computer science setting because a small group of loud people in one country (principally) relate that word to a historical atrocity and project the historical meaning onto a modern-day population is crazier than can be reasonably described.

But, I guess in the current environment, it is only expected that my computer programming education is politicized and racialized. And I thought I was just coming here to store some code! :slight_smile:


MasterCard better watch out.

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Jedis better watch out.