A process hangs on Ubuntu sometimes

The problem is that Hugo hangs on runs-on: ubuntu-18.04 and 20.04 sometimes.

Hanging at hugo step sometimes · Issue #465 · peaceiris/actions-hugo

I tested some settings as follows:

  • The building works well on local Ubuntu 18.04/20.04
  • runs-on: macos-latest works well
  • container.image: 'ubuntu:18.04' also hangs
  • When I removed images, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files from the user’s content directory, then built it some times with a small set. It works well.

My questions:

  • Does the Ubuntu VM of GitHub Actions runner has any limitation?
  • Have anybody faced a problem like this with other tools or programs?
  • Any ideas what I can try next to debug this?

Sorry for my ambiguous question.

I also posted this at A process hangs on Ubuntu sometimes · Discussion #979 · actions/runner · GitHub