A problem testing a course

I created a test course and trying to do author-test cycle to debug my course during development.

I created a course in the lab, it was the default stub and was assigned v 1.0.0. After, I pushed a bit of extra code there, the course synced and was assigned v 2.0.0. I deleted the course repository which was created in my GitHub account from the course template to join the course again to test it. Now it says “You are already registered for this course”. I deleted all the data for labs.github.com using my browser dev tools with no result. Some piece of state seems to be stored somewhere. Any ideas how I can resolve this?

I joined learning lab team “office hours” (the link to the webinar is sent as you register to “author community”), and they explained me that I need to delete the version part from the url. This brings me to the page of the course version to which I’m currently “registered to”.

The UI had a button to “renew” that effectively “enlisted” me to the newest version of the course, creating the course repository in the process - pretty much the “join” option I needed to test the course.

Thanks a lot for coming back to share @ntaranov. We’re looking forward to seeing you around!

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