A need help for GitHub Marketplace

I have developed an innovative software development platform ( Pcynlitx) that produces application specific multithreading library based on the programmer needs. The platform is an open source free to use software its license is GNU GPLv3. The platform and its all versions are available from my personal GitHub repository. Now, I want to add my platform to the GitHub marketplace and distribute from GitHub marketplace as a free software. However, my GitHub account seen as a personal account and publication on GitHub marketplace requires organization account. When I look the settings, I have realized that I can turn my account to an organization account. I want to ask you that will be there any problem on the future about my account or source code repository if i change the type of my account?

In order to overcome this confusing, I have opened a new account as pcynlitx. Can i publish my app using another account having organization property. In this case, I can transfer every change on the code placing on my personal account to the project account. In a first looks, it looks more safety. Is this a proper way for publishing apps on GitHub market place and GitHub. Will be there any problem or any legal issue about the project on the future.

Thanks and best regards.