A little help with my first project :)

Hi everybody,

my name is Donato and I am an Italian Ph.D. student in management. Nice to meet all of you!

I am new to coding, and for my dissertation, I need to collect data from Etsy. I found a scraping project on GitHub which is basically what I am looking for (https://github.com/wayneyshaw/etsy) I have tried to run the code, but I get some errors (I am using Idle for mac). 

I would like to kindly ask you whether someone can help me with this. For instance, is there any specific order I need to follow when opening the different .py files?

I just need to understand how I run the code on my computer, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,



I think this isn’t something you run via IDLE?

The readme states usage is:

scrapy crawl findSellers

I.e. you need to have installed scrapy, set your current directory in a command window to the “etsy” folder, and execute the above command line. There isn’t any main() in any of the python files, so you can’t execute any of them.