A dark mode with more contrast

More contrast would definitely be welcome, I can hardly read any text outside of the top bar, since it seems most of the foreground colors remain the same as with the light theme.


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Agree, I was just about to comment the same. Dark mode looks amazing in places like the activity section, however, in the dashboard and especially with gray text contrast is a bit low!


Good job, I :heart: it! I’d just add a little bit more of contrast to the background.


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Backgroud tone could be similar to VS or Azure dev ops. Current black gives too much contrast. Little bit lighter would be nice.


I’ve been using https://github.com/StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark and I prefer the colours used there. Has better contrast for sure. I’m not loving the blue-shifted colour scheme. Would prefer a more neutral grey.


I definitely love the black dark theme. More contrast is always appreciated :sunglasses:

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback on this topic for a theme with more contrast! When we were designing the now released dark mode, we knew we weren’t going to be able to satisfy everyones preferences with just one theme. Even internally we saw a similar breakdown between people wanting more contrast vs less contrast. But we sought to find a middle ground knowing that dark mode is just the beginning!

After dark mode, our plan is to first work on modes that make GitHub more inclusive; including high contrast themes for accessibility and alternate color themes for colorblindness. We’re looking to hear from our community on what should be next, so keep sharing your feedback with us!


Thanx guys! This is super duper convenient when I work near my sleeping kid at night :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks! Great work. I’ve used GitHub for about 8 years, and there is no online service of any kind I use more than GitHub, and it keeps getting better. I have a medical issue with my eyes, and sharp white light often becomes tiring and difficult to focus on after a while, so I use dark themes extensively. The Base16 Tomorrow Night theme is an example of a colour theme that works really well and hits a balance between being easy to read and not too bright for me.

See: https://github.com/chriskempson/tomorrow-theme

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Hi, actually I was browsing through comments hoping to find people complaining about “too much contrast” :sweat_smile:. I feel more comfortable with less contrast (like atom’s One Dark theme).

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Although I really like the Dark Theme, I feel the background colour is too dark. I actually turned off the Dark Mode, because the light mode is better for my eyes. That shouldn’t happen, but something about the background colour and the font colours, make it a bit hard to read and actually my eyes get tired faster than the light theme.

Hope you can make it better!

Congratulations on the amazing features!


I just want to say that Dank Mode looks great and doesn’t need more contrast. :sunglasses:


I too find there’s not enough contrast between the text colour and the background colour. My ideal is vscode’s Dark+, which has much brighter text, and a bit brighter background. Stackoverflow’s dark mode is pretty good too.

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Totally agree! I clicked on “Give Feedback” option to ask for more contrast :slight_smile:


Hello guys, I’d like to use total high contrast themes on github. Thanks for ya’ll attention )

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We’re already working on designs for it @genemators and look forward to being able to share with the community in the coming months! Once we have a bit better idea of when we’ll be able to ship this, we’ll add it to our public roadmap.


It works fine so no errors

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