A crazy Newbie wants to to become qualified to do OpenAI in 3 Years?

When it comes to “technologies” I know nothing. I was invited here to the LearnToCode App by a fellow Redditor. Did I say IDKanything? Now this is not a brag, but a quantifiable, measurable, written goal. I am writing it down, and sharing it with you all. So that I become committed and accountable to the achievement of my goal.

I want to be able to code for OpenAI on or before the beginning of January, 2022.

Okay, Now.  How do you go about eating an Elephant? Exactly, “One bite at a time.”

My goal in this “TimeBoxing” is to start my own coding project TODAY. Within the next 24 hours, I want to complete my first task. Remember, I do not know anything. Please tell me, any one. Any one can tell me who wishes to help. I will not get bored with too many replies. What must I do, to launch my first coding project on GitHub?

Thank you for your attention.

My id is @gitnick9

I am listening

Never mind the ramblings of nebie, @gitnick9 I managed to start my own Private Repository. First goal in my Blockchain achieved within the defined time constraints. Success!

The name of my repository is IDKanythingApp. At the present time I am not inviting anyone to join it. At the appropriate time in the near future, we will be writing code to eventually launch our first OpenAI App. Wish me luck and please look forward to colaborating with me.

Best Regards, @gitnick9

Hi there @gitnick9,

Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in mind! Setting both long-term and short-term goals are a great way to keep yourself on-task and on-schedule to achieve your dreams. Make sure that you don’t stress yourself out about meeting those deadlines though, just keep chipping away at learning to program and learning AI as you see fit.

If you need a hand at all with using GitHub, just let me know.

Rock on!

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Thank you @timrossback I really appreciate your encouraging feedback.

That is the only way I know how to accomplish anything. btw I did not INVENT this fabulous system of success. If it should be of interest to anyone, who wants to become an achiever like me, I recommend the following video:


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PS: @timrossback At the present time I am doing just fine, with my efforts to learn GitHub. Thank you for your offer to help me. I have pencilled in your offer to help (when I need your help). Count on me buddy, I will reach out to you without hesitatation. :slight_smile:

<LOL> I am really laughing Out Loud. @timrossback Didn’t I tell you, “I will contact you when I need your help?” That was only a few minutes ago. Now I need your help. You know after I created my repository called “IDKanythingApp” I wrote a Read.me document (Or I thought I did) Wrong. That was a huge mess up. Some kindly bot informed me that I did not code my Readme.md properly. The bot also suggested what the code should look like. My problem right now is IDK how to search for my Readme.md so that I can edit its content. Do you know how to do this? Can you help me?

Hey @gitnick9,

No worries, I’m here to help (and I’ll try and reply a bit quicker next time)! To edit the README.md of your repo, just click the ✏️ icon on the repo homepage: https://github.com/{username}/{repo}

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