A case that causes the GitHub Pages build to not start

Notes : All the repos mentioned below are public.

I develop in jekyll-theme project chirpy and its Travis-CI build script performs two tasks in sequence:

  1. Build a live demo site for chirpy and push the result to the repository chirpy-demo
  2. Build my blog site and push the site files to the repository cotes2020.github.io

After the completion of CI work, the GitHub Pages build of chirpy-demo will be triggered immediately but not for the repos cotes2020.github.io.

So I used the RESTful API in Travis-CI build to trigger the Pages build of cotes202.github.io and it works.
To recover from the non-triggered build, I stopped sending the API trigger and here is the link to the non-triggered result:

In repos cotes2020.github.io,

Is there a restriction that does not allow two Pages sites to be built at the same time?

You can run two Pages builds at the same time, yes. They may not be run concurrently, but they’ll both be queued.

From your description, however, it sounds like the behavior you’re describing is expected. Here’s what I understand from your post:

  1. You had a setup where you would push first to chirpy-demo, then to cotes2020 and only chirpy-demo Pages build would get triggered
  2. Then you added something that specifically triggered a Pages build for cotes2020. This made both sites build
  3. Then you took out the thing you added. Now only chirpy-demo builds automatically again

If my understanding is correct, then this sounds like you don’t have cotes2020 configured to build correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to your repository’s configuration details. You’ll need to contact private support to help debug why cotes2020 isn’t building automatically. You can contact them at https://github.com/contact or by email at support@github.com.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help but please let me know if I’ve misunderstood.

Hi @lee-dohm

Your understanding is absolutely correct and sorry for my bad English. I got in touch with GitHub Developer Support  a few days ago and they are dealing with this issue.

Thanks for your reply.