A button would be great for conflicting shortcut keys with browsers and specifically configured desktop shortcuts

First off, thanks for adding the feature and for the hard work that is going into it. It adds a really awesome and easily integrated into the typical dev workflow (considering it is like many IDEs, Discord, etc) and I really think it is the most awesome new feature Github has introduced since I started using the site, as the dark mode I worked out myself (though thanks for saving me code to maintain, also appreciated :smiley: )

I do have a bit of an issue though, the default keybinding conflicts both with a firefox binding and is one I prefer to configure on my window manager where I often use h,j,k,l with various modifiers to achieve various controls of the screen as this can be (not always though) a faster way of manipulating windows on screen BLAH BLAH BLAH

Others have voiced this concern well enough. What I think would be an optimal addition to options to change the binding though is a button somewhere on screen I could click with my mouse (or use tab smashing to navigate to) to open the command palette as this would overcome all possible keybinding conflicts and is not a hugely burdensome addition, I would hope, that helps satisfy all needs (especially if that too could be turned off).

Thank you so much for your hard work and keep it up since its good work too,
Thomas Leon Highbaugh